Wednesday, January 10, 2007

just sick!

... this would be my personal rating for that wax here! this is the 2001 release from the crew THIRD SIGHT, dropped on Disgruntled Records and the cover artwork somehow shows ya already what'cha can expect here. definitely not that average rap-ish! the three tracks that are on this record are: "zodiac killer", a crude track that is still amongst my alltime-favs, "smegma in a minor" with some nice scratches by D-Styles and "will I get shot by a dope fiend", a track I already love just cuz of its title. all productions by D-Styles, all lyrics by emcee Jihad. this piece of wax is a real sledgehammer and u should still be able to find it here and there for acceptable prices (even though I've seen peps askin 30 bucks & more for that record which is really ridiculous...).

third sight_zodiac killer-12"


Andyman187 said...

thanks man, if u could post The Ryhmes Like A Scientist 12" with instrumentals i would greatly appreciate it. I have been after that beat forever since i heard it on the into to mix master mikes - Rescue 916 mixtape. Also check out our Instrumental blog over at

ral278 said...

yo don't got that one unfortunately but try some other blogs... i know i've seen this in another blog and maybe even downloaded it but can't find the track right now.