Friday, January 05, 2007

da great one again

every year an EP! guess that was DA GREAT DEITY DAH's idea and so he dropped (after 96, 97) in 1998 this EP called "declaration of war". release was again on Royal Alchemist Records. the ep brings totally six tracks and you can find 5 of them in this rip here: "ready to kill", "chain of events", "sunz of righteousness", mystical pharaos" and "rapmatics". "just dance" would be the last track but didn't fell that one at all...
now, this emcee has another EP from 99 called "cerebral warfare" but so far we don't have this ish in our cratez. as soon as this is the case u can be sure that this will be reviewed here as well!

da breat deity dah_declaration of war-ep


Anonymous said...

there's enough for everyone..

dome said...

i just love "ready to kill" i think my copy has cueburn from the excessive playing lol