Thursday, May 31, 2007

VA - a dedication to Footwork Illadelph

Next one is a pretty obscure record i didn’t pay lots of attention when i saw it in the cratez (back in 1999 when it came out). But when my man Mirro told me that I need to listen that ish I gave it a chance and finally bought it – cuz this ish is dope!
The whole twelve is a dedication to FOOTWORK ILLADELPH, a company run by Bobbito and Rich Medina (and others) that always tried to promote local projects for vinyl, footwear, clothing, wall arts etc. and even had a lil' stage in the back for shows!
Unfortunately also this project came to an end and I assume that this twelve is some dedication to that “institution”.

Now about the vinyl. This record, that was released on “Come Correct” was dropped, as I mentioned before, in 1999. on it you gonna find 3 tracks, all performed by various artists so here’s the list: Baby Blak (of Ill Advised) – “real mc”; Chief Kamachi, Rasheed & Rich Medina – “J. Edgar Hoover” and Krush B. – “hold it down”.

va_footwork illadelph-12”

Alright, enjoy!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Jaz said...

oh now this is a dope rare jewel, thank you.

ral278 said...

yeah man and i'm glad i copped that wax that time!