Thursday, July 05, 2007

Main One

Sup peeps? Pretty much in stress these days so just got lil time to review this piece rite here.
The twelve for today is from MAIN ONE a cat I honestly couldn’t find much more than what you can find in the average internet-search (discogs etc.). the man dropped several twelves and a full length during the 90s…check out details here!
Now that wax I wanna present here has been produced and released independently (on his own Main One Recordings Label) in 1997. Main One brings on this record the tracks “something special” ft. 4Matt – a (to me) forgettable tracks as I simply cannot stand these RnB-parts … and “cross examination” ft. the two emcees with the broken language – TRIGGER THA GAMBLER & SMOOTHE DA HUSTLER. This is def my sh?t on this record. The sample they used on this track should be recognized easily by you (if you eva heard Heltah Skeltah…).

Main one_something special-12”

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Dabrovska said...

Something Special sonne trop "lover" pour moi ! Mais l'autre déchire vraiment. Merci

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Dabrovska said...

Sorry my english is very bad !