Monday, July 09, 2007

(Fly Guy) Kool Kim

Here we go with a solo release of FLY GUY KOOL KIM. This emcee should be well known to all the people that also listen to the UMC’s (Kool Kim, Hass G, DJ Kid Magic).
Here we present you the solo-twelve he released in 1997 on Broken Records.
This wax contains the two tracks “ya gotta know” and our personal winner on the record – “skills r amazing”. An awesome killer-wax I recommend to everybody so enjoy this piece!

Fly guy kool kim_ya gotta know-12”

Besides this twelve (and all the UMC’s releases) Kool Kim dropped also a solo-album in 2001 on Final Verdict Music, called “the haz been”. Unfortunately I don’t have this LP yet but if someone who got that could also share in here would be highly appreciated!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Anonymous said...

dude is now NY OIL. check him on myspace

Plexxxx said...

Been diggin' the blog for a few months now. Love the new look. Here's the Kool Kim - Haz Been CD

ral278 said...

thanks for the info (myspace) and also big up for sharing his "haz been" CD!

Machiventa said...

wow! thanks plexxxx - and ral too!

moonwrita said...

have been thinking about ya gotta know recently.. thanks!