Thursday, July 19, 2007

Main One (2nd take)

Sup people? Time to bring in some of my crate-stuff in here again!
As my homie ral278 showed early of this month his 12” from rapper MAIN ONE I remembered that I have such a record in my collection somewhere as well…
So this is the 1-tracker from this emcee that comes with “it’s on”. To me this is one of Main’s best releases he ever did (and he did quite a lot of stuff!) so check this out!
The record was released on his own Main One Recordings-label but just can’t remember when exactly; but must be also some when in 96-98…

Main one_it’s on-12”

OK, hope y’all enjoy the track (more as the picture which is very bad, sorry for that!)!


Review’s been brought II u by: mirro

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