Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Company Flow

Maybe you gonna ask yo’self why we put that crew in our blog. Some of u might say it ain’t worth to be listed here but hey – this crew is to us one of those who defined independent rap!
We’re talking bout COMPANY FLOW that is composed of EL-P (El-Producto), BIG JUSS and MR LEN. El and Len formed the crew in 1993/94 and then had their 1st release as Company Flow on Libra records. There they met Juss and he eventually joined the crew. After that it’s history but for all those who wanna know more I recommend to go here for a good bio.

Unfortunately we ain’t got that 1st wax with the “juvenile technique” track. I used to have it but traded it long time ago (what i regret now!) so I need to get me a copy sometime again…
The next 12” from them ain’t in our cratez as well cuz this can be also found on their ground-breaking 2x12” “funcrusher” so here we go with the 1st twelve from our side. It’s the record with the titles “info kill” and “population control” that was dropped in 96 on Official Recordings (the label that El-P founded and owned before Definitive Jux). Personally I like that “population control” with its dark beatz and awesome rhymes n flows! Nice to know for the collector’s is that there are 2 different versions of that twelve: one on regular black vinyl and another limited one on green transparent wax…

Company flow_info kill-12”

A year later Official Recordings was dead already (a fate that reaches most of the indie-labels!) and Co’Flow was able to sign on a (that time) small & unknown indie-label called Rawkus. On this label they dropped the next great twelve which was “blind” and also contained the tracks “tragedy of war in III parts” plus the “eight steps to perfection – the lost mix” which sounds to me like a raw-version of what has been finally put on the album.

Company flow_blind-12”

In the same year (1997) they added some new songs n re-mastered the old material from their “funcrusher” and then kicked out that amazing 2LP “funcrusher plus” which is another milestone in indie-rap!
In 1998 and again on Rawkus they came back with another great twelve that featured the tracks “end to end burners” that wasn’t on the 2LP plus the b-sider “krazy kings” that can be found also on their 2LP. “end to end burners” is a very good track but i still prefer “krazy kings” simply cuz of it’s krazy-chorus and the constant transition from smooth and relaxed beatz to the wild n pushin’ chorus part!

Company flow_end to end burners-12”

Co’Flow then had some more releases that all can be found in their discography. The last track they did together (to my knowledge) was in 2001 when they had a collabo with Japanese turntablist and producer DJ KRUSH. The result from that collabo is the great track “vision of the art” that can be found on Krush’s “Zen” album. This will be reviewed in our blog sometime as well when I do a very detailed post (possibly with interview) bout Krush and all his many productions…
Well all the Co’ Flow members are doin their own stuff now so also keep watchin out for that…

review's been brought II u by: ral278


Jedi said...

Very nice drop Ral. You're absolutely right about CoFlow defining the independent rap hustle; who could forget the tray inlay of "Funcrusher Plus" that declared "INDEPENDENT AS F**K!"

Oh yeah...got any Homeliss Derilex besides the "Fraudulent EP"??


ral278 said...

yo jake!
yeah "independent as f..k!" totally forgot bout that nice remark! ;-)
got this one here from the Homeliss Derilex: http://www.discogs.com/release/698775
then my man Mirro used to have this one here: http://www.discogs.com/release/573217 (but don't know if he still got it as it ain't that sweet!). lemme see when i can rip them...

mr. boogie said...

I think I have everything by Homeliss Derilex except one or two tracks.

Anonymous said...

hey yo, i gots that funcrusher plus 2 x 12's on clear vinyl ,never seen the green ones

ral278 said...

the funcrusher-2x12" is on clear vinyl. the green-transparent vinyl is only a limited edition of the 12" with "info kill b/w population control".

Jedi said...

@ Mr. Boogie:

I'm lookin' for the "Cash Money" 12" and the "Survive'n The Game" EP. Think you could help me out?


mr. boogie said...

I've sent you an e-mail to the address in your blogger profile

Jedi said...

Thanks my man.


Anonymous said...

i sell this: Company flow_info kill-12”

contact me @: wax@diggin.fr

from France...

Anonymous said...

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