Friday, July 06, 2007

Dolla Skillz

Well, this is another obscure record that took my a lil while (about 3 yrs!) til I finally had it in my cratez. 1st heard on a mixtape I needed to get details (name, track, label…). Thanks to Smoov from Vinyladdicts I got these data then and thanks to him again I also been able to lay my hands on that cream!
I’m talking bout Christopher Harris aka DOLLA SKILLZ. This emcee who had a very hard childhood (parents who were drug-addicts, then mother violently murdered etc.) from NYC is still very active and if u wanna know more then hit his myspace!
well, the track that got me crazy is to be found on this twelve here ima present you now. The record was dropped on a small and to me til now completely unknown label called Born II Roc and was released (my guess as no indication on the record) in the late nineties. The main track (not that thrilling though) is called “barely makin’ a move”. On the flipside of this strange-lookin’ record there you’ll find the real sledgehammer called “masterpiece”. Wow, if a track deserves such a name then it’s this one! Fine-tuned samples over smooth beatz with Skillz spittin great rhymes – dope!

Dolla skillz_barely makin a move-12”

As an ill emcee I rep the NYC – faithfully I recognize and realize hip hop’s always for me – money don’t make me so it’s hard for you to snake me, it’ll take some o’ da best to break me – a masterpiece! (from the track “masterpiece”)

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Ralven said...

yo ral,

thx a lot. never heard of the other track nore seen the picture of the vinyl. looking for this ish for 2 i should get it in one. ;)
btw have you traded it or found it in a shop?


Jaz said...

Ral, this bring back memories, I worked in a record store this time came out and I remember the release sheets we got, from either Fat Beats or Beat Street were saying Masterpiece was dope, so I ordered 10 copies and we only got 1.

It lasted half an hour on the shelf and we never saw it again, even after ordering it, I did get to listen to it though (as I did with all of the new releases on turntable in the stock room)...thanks for this and for your comment.


qnzgrimiest said...

when was this released

ral278 said...

thanks for your replies. here's my answers in short:
ralven: got that 12" from my man Smoov at Vinyladdicts (check the links in our blog on the left side).
jaz: I can imagine that this record didn't stay long in the shop! it's mad sought after and only available as promo (neva got officially released). also know record dealers that wanted to get it that time and couldn't get any as no more left..
qnz: have no clue either bout the exact release-date (nothing's written on the label) but assume late 90s...


neliz said...

4 people that are interested in this record i have one 4 sale

Anonymous said...

Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

Anonymous said...

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