Monday, July 23, 2007

Bas One (Bas 1)

Time for some west coast underground! This review features 3 twelves from Oakland rapper BAS ONE (BAS-1). BAS is not only a Hip Hop activist in terms of rappin but also as a wild writer what you can see on the covers of his releases! BAS is also in the “Style Elements Crew” – the breakdance group that won over 50 national & international bboy-events!

Let’s start with his 1st twelve that was dropped on Heratik Records in 2000. this is also my favourite wax from this cat as it contains the sledgehammer “highlyeffectivepeople” that persuades both with rhymes and fresh good beats. The b-sider “it’s a klassik” is a great track too!

Bas one_highlyeffectivepeople-12”

One year later came his amazing 3LP (discs in transparent green, yellow, red vinyl) titled “For the mentally astute – theory of a throw up” which I recommend to everybody.
From that album BAS had another single-release with the tracks “toy story”, “mentally astute” and “mentally astute remix”. Both the 3LP and the 12” were again released on Heratik Records.

Bas one_toy story-12”

Then some more releases and features on other projects followed (which I don’t have) until 2004 he dropped another twelve which I got here. This release was on Secret Records and has the tracks “times and politics” and “conspiracy theory” plus a remix of “conspiracy theory” done by German DJ MARIUS NO.1.

Bas one_times and politics-12”

Aight’ten – hope you enjoyed this post!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Jaz said...

I like Bas-1 and feel he is underrated, and I was just listening to "Graffiti Is Art Damn It" just the other day, dope post my friend

ral can you please send me an e-mail at

I would like to ask you something.

qnzgrimiest said...

mentally astute (remix) is the best track outta all of them in my opinion, the beat has a real early 90's feel to it (circa 91-93).