Friday, July 06, 2007


Alright, another very obscure shizzle to present you guys here.
This one’s bout the east-coast crew DEADRINGAZ (members are: Ra Ringa, Q Style, Roc Ringa, KO & Nick C Knocks).

The twelve here is a single-release from their 96-album “New Ringa Order” and it brings on the a-side the very solid “johnny boy”. On the b-side is to me again the real grim cream, the dark “the hour glass” – phat slow basslines, a cutting-in and constantly returnin sample that’s almost drivin ya crazy and good rhymes n flows. As a bonus cut you get the short version of “cash flow”.

Deadringaz_johnny boy-12”

Besides this twelve the crew released (also on Hush Ent. As the single here and the LP) in the same year, 1996, the twelve “gunja honors b/w cash flow” and as mentioned already, the full length “new ringa order”. If you see that, get it as this is some dope shit fo real that won’t disappoint’cha!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278

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