Monday, July 23, 2007

Official Pham

Good afternoon! Just a short review bout a NYC crew. It’s bout OFFICIAL PHAM to which I can’t give ya too much information. As far as I know the crew was founded by Affree aka KATO (myspace here) and at least one other member ‘s called GONE (myspace here). But back to the wax…

The vinyl was released in 1999 on the independent label “Unkown Entertainment” and features the two tracks “we got dis” and the flipsider “pham never dies”. Very dope n rugged NYC stuff for y’all!

Official pham_we got dis-12”

Also if u wanna see their video to the track “we got dis” go here!

Review’s been brought II u by: mirro


Ralven said...


great post. Know the track Pham Never Dies but never saw a picture or spare of this record. Thx for dis.

2nd track is pretty dope too.

Pz, Ralven

ral278 said...

yo ralven. yeah the 2nd track is very dope and btw, this record is one u would easily find in our country...dunno bout ebay n others but here u can find that in almost every record-shop that got some 2nd hand n rare stuff (even for decent prices)...

qnzgrimiest said...

these two songs are mad ill, it really has a real bronx underground feel to it, sounds like something you would hear in a independent hood movie back in the late 90's, but if ihad to choose one then i pick pham never dies, peace.

Anonymous said...

yo id rly like to hear this could you re post it?
Also thatnks for all the rips i rly apreciate it