Thursday, July 19, 2007

MF Doom

Well, it’s about time for another Fondle’Em review in here so let’s start this…

I won’t lose any words about the background of Mr Daniel Dumile, better known as MF DOOM as this should be well known anyway!
The 1st of DOOM’s releases on Fondle’Em we didn’t show you so far is the 12” with the tracks “dead bent” (another track that has been hyped by JR Ewing’s mixes), “gas drawls” and “hey”. The wax was dropped in 1997 and Doom was responsible for the whole production and lyrics.

Mf doom_dead bent-12”

The last one of Doom’s records he did together with Bobbito Garcia’s Fondle’Em (besides the KMD-releases which we gonna review later) is this gem here with the songs “greenbacks” featuring MEGALON and “go with the flow” ft. SCI.FLY. the release year of this wax was again 1997.

Mf doom_greenbacks-12”

I had this style ever since I was a child I got this other style I ain't flip in a while, it goes: Pure scientific intelligence, with one point of relevance MC's whose styles need Vellamints And once the smoke clears, tell 'em it's The Super motherfucking Villain, nigga came through raw like the elements (from the track “dead bent”)

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shadout said...

I remember when those 12"s where at the top of all want lists, but now it seems less people are after them. it's a shame cause these are mad fat classics, specialy dead bent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

qnzgrimiest said...

mf doom has to be one of the most talented cats in the world, his wordplay and production skills, all these songs were on his operation doomsday album, but the thing is eve though these songs were released in 1997, it certainly doesn't sound like it, he defenitely way of ahead of his time, my favorite tracks are dead bent, gas drawls, and hey!.

leon said...

yeah this record is CLASSIC!! it is one of those mystical fondle 'em recs in my collection (along with the Siah & Yeshua EP) that had a skip in it which magically disappeared after a long time. MF had another 12" on Fondle 'Em...Red & Gold + The M.I.C. that's a good one too and again both tracks were on Doomsday.

Anyway if you're not gettin that vinyl to digital fast enough to get your fix, check out this weekly internet radio show/podcast "NoHos Bored" from NYC!

Here's the link:

NoHos Bored on East Village Radio NYC