Thursday, July 19, 2007

MF Grimm

Comin’ to the last Fondle’Em review for today (but still we got plenty in stock so don’t worry, more Fondle’Em stuff to come later on…)

So this vinyl is from another mad-flowin’ emcee. This time it’s Percy Carey aka MF GRIMM! The release from 1998 brings the titles “do it for the kids”, my winner, and “bloody love letter”. Both tracks have been produced by ROB SWIFT and maybe you will recognize the sample used in “do it for the kids”. This is the same that was used also in D-MOB’s “hot days” (which we reviewed here already).

Mf grimm_do it for the kids-12”

Enjoy & peace out!

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qnzgrimiest said...

bloody lover letter is the winner, i mean the sample, the grimy drums, the whole 9, the beat sounds like something u wouldve heard on movie scores from the 70's like dirty harry or something like that, this song and do it for the kids is included on his 2005 scars and memories album which is a collection of all of his 12 inch singles from the early to late 90's, but on that album it seemed like he redid some of the songs it was arranged differently, to me im feelin the vinyl verson a lot better then the album version, but other than that its a very good album if really want to know what mf grimm sounded likewhen he first started, thanks for this post.