Friday, February 08, 2008


Time to bring u some mid-90s westcoast flava in here (as most of our review’s are bout productions from the east…). This is about 40-O.Z.

As usual when it comes to such very obscure stuff search-engines didn’t give me any kinda help here to get further infos. So I have to guess that the name “40-O.Z. “ is a crew-name (not artist) even though there’s only one emcee u gonna hear on both tracks. But the writing on the label indicates and confirms somehow my guess. Anyway, the record was dropped back in 95 on the Cali indie-label Demo House and features two sounds of 40-OZ - “check yo’ girl” and “smokin’ dank”. Both tracks come in that typical westcoast g-funk style that has similarities with Ice Cube’s “bop gun ft George Clinton”.

40-O.Z._check yo’ girl-12”

Well then, try it if u dunno….

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Anonymous said...

great man. was looking for some unknown westcoast like that since long time! bring more if you can!