Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blue Black

Here is another very fine solo joint I recently was able to buy…

The guy reppin here is called BLUE BLACK and is member of the group “The Unspoken Heard” (together with Asheru).
This here was dropped in 1995 on the Gangrene Records label and contains the damn good tracks “bon vi (the good life)” in 2 mix-versions and on the b-side you will find the track “sun up from sun down”. A really great record that I recommend to anybody that don’t have that piece of vinyl yet!

Blue Black_bon vi-12”

Further information can be found as usual in discogs etc.




dope 12 indeed. i finally recently got a copy myself. it took a while to find, but was def well worth the effort.


you do what you gotta do for you, and i'll do for me... and everything will be bon vi

ral278 said...

yeah that's a really dope 12" - Mirro's lucky to have that. I still need to get ahold of a copy...sooner or later Ima have that too!

Anonymous said...
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