Monday, February 04, 2008


Continuin’ with another twelve outta NY - Harlem this time to be exact. This is Herbert Brown aka (Herb) McGRUFF.

McGruff was soon taken under Heavy D’s wing and then later on he joined the famous group CHILDREN OF THE CORN. When its member Bloodshed deceased in a car accident the crew split up. Killa Kam became Cam’Ron and got some success as solo artist, Murda Mase simply got Mase and decided to waste his life joinin Puffy Comb’s liquid manure label Bad Boy and the tragedy of Big L’s death should be well known to y’all anyway. McGruff also decided to do his own thang and eventually got signed by Universal. On this label he dropped this awesome single-release from his later on LP called “destined to be”. This promo features on the flip the track “reppin uptown” which is a very good track but nuthin compared to the main title “harlem kids get biz”. This track is just da shit! I love the sick melody, the laid-back beats n Gruff spittin over this cream with some great verses! Production credit on this go to Spunk Bigga who did some excellent work already for acts like Masta Ace, Rob-O, A.D.O.R. etc. the wax, by the way, was as mentioned above released on Uptown/Universal records (as promo only) back in 1996.

McGruff_harlem kids get biz-12”

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Anonymous said...

McGruff's album's like a fence..and this track definitely on the good side. Noice......