Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mad Flava

A fine piece comin atcha from da South of the US, Dallas TX to be exact.

This nice twelve is from the well known crew MAD FLAVA (are: Cold Chris the Soulman; Don Kasaan, DJ Baby G the Cut Selectah and producer Erich “Hype Dawg” Krause). Sure y’all know their 93-full length “from da ground unda” that was dropped in 94 on Priority. Therefore also the single-releases and test-presses from that LP are quite know but what’s lil known obviously is that the crew dropped 2 records independently: one titled “fatherless” and the other one that we show u here rite now. This wax was released on the Raw Deal label, guess in the mid-90s. on the wax u find the flip-track “can’t get enuf ft M.Y.K.” which is a very good one and the grimey winner on the main side that is “point blank” – simply an awesome piece fo sure!


Croosh said...

cool post! Hype Dog is A good friend of mine. This is a hard record to find. Thanks.


ral278 said...

yo crucial,
good to have you here on the board ma! just noticed your blog as well - good ish there...keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Used to watch them rock all the time back in the early 90s. Got Mad Flava stickers on my office wall right now.