Friday, February 08, 2008

Mad Ill

And another one from the westcoast – San Francisco to be exact. This wax here comes from the group MAD ILL…

This twelve from the bay-area can be described very quick as The Good, The Smooth & The Ruff as this is how the sounds appeal to me. “cash money” is the main title and represents the good one. a solid performance over all but the sample’s been taken are pretty known so that reduces somehow my enthusiasm…”only in one lifetime” is the smooth one with a very laid-back melody and my personal grimey winner on this is the last one called “bubble up”.
The wax was released in 1999 on the San Fran label Independently Large Records.


Diaz said...

Only In One Lifetime has to be my favorite on this one, Thanks for the review hadn't heard this before


do u have this
ive heard the instrumental but the main version

LaSenSii said...

Thanx for this post,
i'll see it