Friday, February 01, 2008

5000 Hoodz ft the Woodzmen

Today it is about crews I can’t tell you much more than what’s written on the respective label as they’re that obscure google & co. surrendered (or only lead to the entries in VA that Phil or I did…). Anyway. Let’s start this with the first one for today that is titled 5000 HOODZ FT THE WOODZMEN.

Now to the Woodzmen I can tell u that they dropped a great 12” in the mid90s. If u wanna know more bout that I recommend you to check the review on Vinyl Addicts.
Now this is the second one (soundwise) most probably released after that (guess late 90s) and the Woodzmen have here a feature part whereas 5000 Hoodz is supposed to be the main act. The record was kicked out on Phenom Ent., a label I never heard before as well. On the a-side you find the anti-gangster anthem “cop a feel” (quote: “the only muthafuckin real gangsters is 6ft under!”…nuff said!). when I first listened to this track I was like “OK but not that mind-blowing” but since I listened to for several times now I need to admit that I somehow grew on that track. The flipside brings you the very smooth (maybe sometimes it even sounds lil corny!?) “war of the world” that is bout the disproportion of poor n rich people.


Anonymous said...

read Smoov's review about this other Woodzmen record but never could have a listen to so thanks for this opportunity. keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

any idea when this was released?

ral278 said...

as mentioned in the review I have no clue when this record came out.

Anonymous said...

a few days ago i heard a
woodzmen track on youtube
and then i saw on your
backgroundcover a woodzmen vinyl
so decided to give it a listen.
and it was worth.... ;)
"cop a feel" is daaaaamn nice.
its right, you cant find anything
in the net about it.
what a bummer

PG023 said...

im not sure why more people haven't commented this wax, it is one of the best i've ever heard.

the track "War of the World" is VERY DEEP & the more you listen to it & dig around abit on nwo/illuminate/WHO etc the more you start to wonder how these guys could know about all of this.

anyone got any more info on woodzmen & 5,000 hoodz? i know woodzmen dropped some other hard to find wax & i got that one but tbh i've slept abit on 5,000 headz.

i read somewhere that this was from 1993-1994 but I have VERY hard to trust that source, doesn't sound like 93-94, more like 96-98 but i need to know anyway!!!!