Monday, February 04, 2008


From the depths of Brooklyn NY i present u today the crew KORNERSTONZ.

The crew consists of the two emcees D.O.U.G. (Da Original Unique Gemdropper), D.E.L.L. (The Diversified Everlasting Lyrics of Life) and the two men “behind the scene”, responsible for the scratches n cuts DJ Amen-Ra and for the beats DJ Sha the X-Factor. In the mid-90s those homes would regularly battle on the korners and at talent-shows and eventually got noted & signed by Patrick “Cream” Callum, owner of the CEO Records label in 1996. in the same year the crew dropped twelve that is full with authentic street-style – the “korner life”. “korner life” is also the title of the track that inspires me the most. Then u got the track “front on me” that is also very solid, maybe just a lil’ bit to slow-moving… the last track on this EP is the main-title but honestly dunno why this ish even was pressed on that wax. “what we do this for” is textwise pretty much OK, the beat is kinda average (in the best case) but this lady that’s always screamin’ “aha” n “yeah-ha” is killin the last piece of dopeness in this track – it’s really a shame! But make yo own decision on that, maybe u like it!?!


Anonymous said...

muahaha! love your comment on the last track "what we do this for" and I fully agree!
peace, pawel

Arti said...

ral278 - I ask for rip Vinyls from bitrate 192 so as it was earlier.

v 2da n 2da s said...

bring this noize! more like this one .damn this one is craaaazy!!

serch4beatz said...

lol arti stop being such a mp3 crawler :D
if u want better quality buy the 12" yourself and rip it in better quality ;)