Friday, February 01, 2008

Fifth Sun

the next crew I don’t have much info on hand is called FIFTH SUN.

obviously they consist of US and latino rappers and come from the west coast. The wax here was released on Ince Records but no clue when exactly. The main title is the very sombre “blast the nickel”. On the flip you got the next great track called “pardon mé madre” that beatwise lets u chill immediately. The last track (and my personal secret winner on here) is the sick “whatever it takes” – great beat, smoothest violin-tunes and a thrillin keyboard-sample I know from somewhere (but can’t remember from where…).

Fifth Sun_blast the nickel-12”

What I found is that the crew obviously released another twelve in 2000 on Loud Records with the tracks “aver aver” and “west coast love” but I haven’t heard that yet…

Njoy yo weekendz peepz!


Anonymous said...

holy sh*t. great post man!

Ese Torsido said...

Fifth Sun, hun? Great find.

Are you planning to rip the songs for this vinyl anytime soon?

Ese Torsido said...

Ooops, must have missed the link. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, I know of Fifth Sun. They are a Chicano rap group from Coachella, California. Originally four members: Coyote/Temoc, Chingon, Malverde and DJ Chase Martinez. They had a hot local single called "Aver, Aver (Spanish Dance Version)" and were once signed to Loud Records. They are all close affilates with the radio network Pocos Pero Locos, hosted by Khool-Aid and E-Dubb.

Fifth Sun's MySpace:

I would like to add this to May I have permission to post this on the archive?

ral278 said...

yo "ese torsido"
mad props for the information. always welcome when peeps contributin in here some knowledge! sure u might need that to add in discogs!
btw: do u have a rip of that other 12" "aver aver" b/w "west coast love"? would like to hear that once....

ral278 said...

just visited their myspace and well, not that amazing those tracks from the other twelve. anyway, thanks for the input man!

Ese Torsido said...

Sorry, I don't have the "Aver, Aver" rip. I'm actually looking for the original version (There are two versions of this track, available on the same vinyl).

I like your email address, so I can give you some info regarding You can also find me on the DubCC forums. I'm more active there.

ral278 said...

yo ese,
you can find my email-address in the profile in this blog and send me mail.

PeNZeR said...

Malverde is still active. He just put out his second solo LP in Feb of this year on Machete Music. Tony Touch and Son Doobie of Funkdoobiest are featured on there. All beats on both his albums were produced by Brett Bouldin. Malverde's first solo album (Mi Palabra) was all in Spanish, and the second album (La Leyenda Continua) was bilingual.
Check out his myspace page:
or the video mixtape I did on youtube: