Monday, August 06, 2007


Today’s review is again bout some Fondle’Em cream. This time we focus on the releases that feature Mr Chris Palko aka CAGE. The emcee is still active (as you should be aware of) and is signed at Definitive Jux label.
If you wanna know more about him then I recommend you to visit his homepage (currently under construction), his myspace or then check him out on discogs.

Now let’s start with Cage’s debut he dropped on Fondle’Em back in 1997. this great twelve features the a-sider “radiohead” with a funny tune that let’s go gaga by constantly listenin’ to it and the smooth sledgehammer “agent orange” that uses the quite popular sample from Stanley Kubrick’s movie “a clockwork orange”.


The next single by this man was released one year later, again on Bobitto’s famous label.
This time he brings the tracks “mersh” and on the b-side “4 letter word”. Both are sickest productions – very recommended!


then a year later to that he was featured again on a Fondle’Em release. Now the twelve was done by DJ ELI & SHAN BOOGS. This EP was dropped under the name “Cloudkickers” and has Cage rappin’ on the a-sider “and so kiddies”. On the b-side you gonna find another very interesting track called “truly gifted ones” and features the emcees J-TREDS, PUMPKINHEAD & YESHUA DA POED.

Dj eli & shan boogs_cloudkickers ep
(sorry for the bad picture! Will replace it when I got time to take a pic from my own record)

Try and pick apart some Agent Orange perceptionCatch frontal lobe damage and not manage correctionI smell leak smoke, left by the anonymousBeats fall back, til life die when I'm embalmin thisCome around and get yo' ass shot to clustersI'ma play the injuns with the arrows you be Custard's.. backI write upon ya, divorce your head and neck then scalp itRip off all your flesh and make a outfit (from the track "agent orange")

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el_jeffro said...

thanks so much for this! been after a new copy for a long long time....Really liking what you're doing with this blog!

Jedi said...

Once again coming correct with the Fondle 'Em steez. Before long you'll have posted 'em all! Big ups guys, keep up the good work.