Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dungeon (East New York)

This is a post I promised to rip for my man Indyvinylz (wow, I got sum in my cratez u don’t know?! lol…) and I think u guys are gonna enjoy this wax as well!
It’s time for a crew named DUNGEON (EAST NEW YORK) that consists of two emcees.

Well, I contacted some other collectors and also (of course) the usual sources in the internet but as usual when it comes to such very obscure stuff I couldn’t find anything helpful. So all I can say to this awesome record is what u can find on the label anyway. Release year was in 1996 on the small indie-label Domain Records. On the a-side the crew hits u with the track “east new york undercover”. I recognize the sample they used but can’t recall from where. What I especially like is their stylish flow and also the beatbox-interlude in the song gives some good variety. The flipside brings the track “she” and I like this track even more because of the sweet melody and the smooth beat – and again this great way of spittin their rhymes.

Dungeon_east new york undercover-12”

Enjoy n peace out!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


qnzgrimiest said...

both of these tracks are fire, and that sample i first heard on freddie foxxx's song Bumpy Bring It Home feat. Billy Danz from m.o.p. on his industry shakedown album, diamond d made the beat for that one.

Anonymous said...

yo, toby here, thank u a lot ral... a nice record indeed :)
she is my fav. too :)
thanx again !! appreciated !


Plexxxx said...

Yoooooooooooo, good lookin' on this right here, I been tryin' to get this record since '96.

Daneee said...

yesss! that's a great record you digged out! keep the good stuff coming man!

ral278 said...

yo qnc...! yes this is the track/sample I couldn't remember. thx for the input!

kayn said...

nice one ral, i remember "she" from a mixtape a friend of mine brought from nyc back in the nineties and i never had a clue who was the artist behind this dope track, so thanks alot man!

Anonymous said...

Reading comments made me feel like I'm back in 96 again. yes, I'm one of members form Dungeon East New York. Appreciate all the love you guys are giving for this record!