Friday, August 17, 2007

United Kingdom

Presentin u a record i was hunting down for years til I recently managed to get it in a trade (yo Phil, hope u received the L’Roneous already n enjoy it!). the wax I’m talking bout is from UNITED KINGDOM, which is in fact a cooperation of members of SUNZ OF MAN & ROYAL FAM.

The twelve was dropped in 1998 on P-Jays recordings (from the same label we already presented you the “12 Jewels”-single). On the a-side you gonna find two tracks: “united kings” which is very smooth and solid and my winner (the reason why I was after that wax) “braveheart” – guaranteed dopeness! On the flipside you got the track “destroy the scenery” which is again a solid track that delights yo’ ears! Production was all done by DJ Greyboy (as on all P-Jays stuff)…

United kingdom_united kings-12”

one important note for those who are now lookin for that twelve. Pay attention as there are two legit pressings out there but one of them doesn’t contain the sledgehammer “braveheart”!


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Anonymous said...

yes, got it (l'roneous)..thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Please reup this dopenes. The link is dead :(