Wednesday, August 15, 2007

SON Records (UK)

Today is a British day! I bring you some work outta the beat-kitchen of the UK-label SON RECORDS. This label started their work in the mid-90s as the hip hop branch of the well known Ninja Tunes label.

The first EP from that exquisite label I review in here is from the crew UK CARTEL (are rapper SHADO, producer DEADBEAT and female rapper MECA). Their EP was dropped in 1998 and brings the awesome tracks like “no doubt” – ruff and smooth at the same time. “b.u.r.y.” the rugged song where Shado would measure up with all UK emcees and last but definitely not least “uk yakuza” – my raw fav on this wax.

Uk cartel_no doubt-EP

Next release on that “Buddha”-label was again in 1998. the EP was runnin under the name of it’s mighty and very famous producer MAD DOCTOR X (that people may know better as Brace Banna) and was titled “project x ep”. On it you find again three amazing tracks. “deejays & emcees” that comes with a shipload of guest-rappers such as QUAKES, SHYLOC & SPICE (reppin’ THE BROTHERHOOD), TENOR FLY, VOYAGER and BLAK TWANG! The beat is just pure fire with pushin beatz, great variety of different samples and the emcees are just spittin ill on that track….definitely not just a song for deejays & emcess but also for the b-boyz! “keep it lovely” is the next track where guest emcee SHADO (of UK CARTEL) is doin his thang and got his back up by WILL GEORGE who gives some dime bar-style vocals on it. The last (and best) track is “fluent in the martian tongue” that features rapper VOYAGER. Man, this is such a sick beat that really sounds alien-like and also Voyager’s rhymes seem to come from another world!

Mad doctor x_project x-EP

The last review about Son records here is a release outta 2002. this time it’s on Nottingham rapper MIDNYTE who kicks his dope stuff on that great “speak the truth EP”. Totally you gonna find 4 tracks on it but let’s start one by one: “nadia” – a very melodic piece with great storytelling (and someday that voice-sample from that lady will drive me insane…but that’s OK to me). “them or us” – dark beat and good rhyme flow. “notts rep” – speedy beat combined with good rhyme skills and scratches…whutcha want more? And my winner “speak the truth (it’s for the record)” – where MID shows us the inner of his mental state using a great emotive beat!

Midnyte_speak the truth-EP

If you wanna know more bout the label and the many other releases (some are CD only unfortunately) they had then check their homepage. Most of the older material is outta print but you still should be able to get them here n there…

Enjoy that great UK-stuff…..peace!

Review’s been brought II u by: ral289


Dabrovska said...

Midnyte : Speak The Truth

Ha ha, the producer like Manau !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these!
I bought the Mad Doctor X 12" when it dropped and don't know anyone else that owns it. The Voyager track is definitely the best track on there.

Son released a dope Cappo 12" too.

(ignore my post under the Krispy 12". Me dumb)