Monday, August 20, 2007

Lyrik Born Clique

Good mornin’ people. Got another goodie from the UK I wanna share with you.
This is from the LYRIK BORN CLIQUE – a mad overseen crew outta Birmingham.

So the twelve to be presented here was released on Cipher Recordings in 1997 and brings the track “relentless” in original and remix version.
Both tracks are very dark n grimey but I’m really down with such productions – mad props for that!

Lyric born clique_relentless-12”

I’m not sure if they released another record on their own – haven’t found any so far but the cats got featured on other compilations such as the “Moorish Delta 7” EP” and the “Deep Concentration LP”.

Well then, enjoy…

Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro


Cro said...

Lyrik Born Clique are now Moorish Delta 7, they've dropped 2 full albums and a few 12"s (inc one with Shyhiem), if you need more info / hooking up give me a shout

ral278 said...

yo cro! thx for the information! this name rings bells, I think i even got a twelve from them somewhere...

Anonymous said...

could you re-post the link if possible? i've been looking for some early moorish delta stuff.

peace in advance

Anonymous said...

could you re-post the link if possible??? ive been searching for this for a long time now so i would aprichiate if u can upload it again!
Sry for my english!Peace