Monday, August 27, 2007

Ras-T (Re-Up)

re-upped on request the cream-twelve from RAS-T "nine-six million dollar man", released in 96 on Norfside.

review's been brought II u by: ral278


HokiDoki2 said...

hi ral278 what sup? come back to see my blog when you can i repost a little hip hop hop


see you soon

Anonymous said...

YoYoYoYO!! Was gehd mid Euch??
Ich such schon lange die Laster off balance/misery 12" und die Mixed elementz divine stylez!!! ...geht do was, habt ihr die???? wär burner! peeze Ulli

ral278 said...

hello ulli!
die "divine styles" ha'm wir nich (ist nich so dope, dafor die "northern exposure". LASTER ha'm wir beide und zusammen finds't alle reviews in den 2006-posts, Links sollten ale aktiv sein...cheers

Anonymous said...

Hey danke für die Antwort!
Von der laster habt ihr ja aber nur den remix von off balance und misery oder ich habs nich gefunden!
Ja die northern exposure iss dope as fuxx aber die divine stylez find ich classssic!...wie die bum deal!!!z.B.
naja, kann man nix machen; peez Ulli

a-one said...

just wanted to thank you for this blog. keep up the work

Booxbowm said...

nicer track...thanks for sharing it!
weiter so!

Jedi said...

Hey, do you guys have MF Grimm's "Scars & Memories" twelve inch? If so could you please post it?


ral278 said...

hi jake. nah sorry bout that but we ain't got it (at least now...).
been busy days n we gonna try to up some reviews before i get my soon nu ish in here!


Jedi said...

Aight thanks for the time Ral, looking forward to some new jawns!


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Where you at? Haven't seen anything in mad long!

ral278 said...

be back with some new shit... holidays n other busy stuff kept us away to spit some...

Anonymous said...

ral, devine styles findest du nich so toll ?? finde die scheibe echt top :)
wann kommen die nächsten reviews ?
gruss, tobi

Ralven said...

Ich würde die auch mit Kusshand nehmen. Nen echter Burner. ;)

greetz ralven

cartier said...

wow damn its dead.. i haven't heard this song since high school.. dude lived not far from my please re-up