Monday, August 06, 2007

NONE (No Origin No Ending)

Digged out another very obscur record to which i can’t provide you much information.
So this rather short review’s bout a crew called NONE which is an abbreviation for “No Origin No Ending”.

The record was released in 1996 on a small and (to me) totally unknown label called Drum Music. On the a-side you got the track “n.o.n.e. quite like u”. this song is pretty much forgettable in my opinion as it comes too soft and the R’n’B-chorus doesn’t help either…anyway, ripped the track though so you can make your own mind on that.
Let’s get to the real gem on this piece of wax! This is to be found on the b-side and called “what u got?”. Pushin beat, great use of instruments and good rhymes n flows makin this song a winner for sure!

None_none quite like u-12”


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


s'n's said...

what you got is the shiiiit!
daamn dope!


Anonymous said...

I agree to that comment from s'n's!
very good!

B said...

word. ral and the lads are always doing good stuff.

Xam huh?! aka Cartoon said...

yep im lookin for this record since a long time :(
i hope i'll found it ... a day

qnzgrimiest said...

i agree on you on the first track it really doesn't fit the album, but what u got is the winner, that xylophone sample is crazy.