Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yah Supreme

And another post to complete some stuff. Actually we found out that we have many cases where one of us contributin in here got records from an act and the other collector then has stuff that’s missin’. Here again we have such a case. In earlier post (check here) Mirro presented you already the “full circle”-twelve from YAH SUPREME.

Now this is his release (again on his Son Doo Label) from 2000 and it brings the tracks “alone” and my personal fav on this wax, the flipsider “live at the improv”.
Great stuff you should check out if u dunno already!

Yah supreme_alone-12”


Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


lordquaz said...

yeah great post my man, i love this cat, he also release in 2004 a good single produce by some French (i think) producers.
Good work as usual.

Anonymous said...

"live at the improv" has the same melody as "as the beat goes on" by one deep.
just checked it out :)
grüsse, Tobi

qnzgrimiest said...

yah supreme is mad talented, i just wished he came out with an album, he kind of remind me of lewis parker, both tracks are ill, but if i had to choose then i would pick alone, im a fanatic of piano samples, and my favorite tracks from yah supreme are old & wise and only human.

qnzgrimiest said...

here's a video for the old & wise song

ral278 said...

thx for the video link, neva saw this one!

SPeK_0NeR said...

Damn son!!!... OMG, you just made my day. I had this old mixtape from about 7-8 years ago and I was never able to find out who that track "alone" was by. I googled the shit outta the internet then BAM! when i least expect it i find it on here. Peace+Respect