Tuesday, August 07, 2007


And another record to which I can’t give u much details…at least when it comes to its artist on it that goes by the name K-BOMB. So far I couldn’t find any other release by this man but if u got more info please enlighten me!
The record was dropped on a production and release-cooperation between Nerveous Records and Fortress. Guess that Fortress will ring bells!? U’r rite man, the label that had all those famous NATURAL ELEMENTS, NIGHTBREED etc. releases! I personally know of 3 singles that had this (Nerveous/Fortress) label-cooperation which were: Evo-Flo: what u smokin’, Wayne Dante: carnagie hall and this wax here.
On the a-side you got “bump this” – solid but not outstanding and on the b-side (as many times before) you get the real winner “stories I know chico”. both tracks were produced by CHARLEMAGNE!

k-bomb_stories I know “chico”-12”

aight’ten, enjoy this!


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qnzgrimiest said...

ive always liked charlemagne's production, especially when he was rolling with natural element, both songs are ill, but i like stories i know chico alot better, those drums hits so hard, and the synth sample is crazy.

Anonymous said...

yo bro thanks for this Real blog but the link is dead :(