Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Okeee, lemme hit u with one of my recent finds as well. This post’s about the man they call PSYCLONE.

Honestly I can’t tell you much about this guy so I head straight to this twelve. It was released on Bald Head Records and brings the tracks “I know you feel what i feel” and the b-sider “ish gotta stop”.

Psyclone_i know you feel what i feel-12”

The man released besides that at least another twelve and also has a full length out there (but as far as I know only on CD). So if you got one of those then please share in the comments section – would be highly appreciated!


Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro


Anonymous said...

The full length exist also on Vinyl, i got it in my cratez...Aight, hoffe mir cheude wider mou zaeme chille und fetti beats inne zieh...bis denn...

Mr.Deep aka Onur

qnzgrimiest said...