Monday, August 20, 2007

Tray Bag

By startin’ this week I wanna hit u with my “cream of the week”. This one here is just an amazing piece of vinyl and definitely gets my two thumbs up!
It’s about emcee TRAY BAG…

The record was released on Nocturnal 7 Publishing and had its distribution on Echo International. The first track is already my winner. “blastin’ like rockets” that features the cats TY-STICK and GERONS convinces with those crazy samples like that human-screaming and the sharp violine, great rhymes and an angry flow and good basslines as well. The second track is called “if you can swing it” and features well known SUNZ OF MAN and also is a very coarse track that hammers into yo’ heads fo’ sure!

Tray bag_blastin like rockets-12”

If u see that record then get but til then enjoy it rite here…


Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro

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Anonymous said...

can u please re-up this 12..i haveen`t heard anything from Tray bag except one verse on a sunz of man track and i`m very interested in hearing this PLEASE GET THIS