Wednesday, May 23, 2007


CLOKWORX was established in 1997 as a branch of the “Secret Service Crew” (Vocab, Products, One Verse, AOI, Non-Prophets, Sage Francis and Oktagon Supreme) by the members AmsUno, PhesOne and DJ Orator. They hit the crowd one year later with their 1st single with the goal to start a direct rebellion against all sorts of efforts that would soften rap (Hip Hop's ever growing fascination with the glittery, glamorous world of champagne and caviar created an overabundance of music whose style heavily outweighed its substance!). nowadays the crew is still alive (check here) and doin their thing. AmsUno also did several solo-releases you should be able to easily find in stores and that are really worth givin’ a try!

Aight, let’s start the reviews. We gonna present you here only their first two releases. Both are out of print nowadays whereas it should be easy for y’all to get/buy their newer stuff (support the artist!).
This is the debut of the crew, released in 1998/99 on Commonwealth Ent. This cream offers totally 3 tracks: “mental flux”, “time in this career” (my winner) and “world of truth”.

ClokWorx_mental flux-12”

The next release by those catz was on a label you should know when regularly readin’ our blog. It’s the Cybertek label (Lil’ Sci, Equilibrium, Walkmen…) and release year was 2001. the twelve serves you the great tracks “preservatives” and “who’s that”, both produced by Celph Titled and “robots”, produced by D-Tension.


Well then, enjoy!

Yo this is dedicated to you wack MC's / Who are uneducated and you lack degrees / Cause when you rap for G's and react for fees / We attack MC's and cause catastrophes

(from the track “who’s that”)

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


Anonymous said...

Hey could you please upload the instrumentals, acappelas of each releases please...would be nice because this blog is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

My fav track:time in this career. The first artist has a flow that i really appreciated. Also Dope Beat! Thanks !