Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chino XL

CHINO XL, who was born as Derek Barbosa in the Bronx and then raised in East Orange, New Jersey, is one of the rappers I give the most credits and respect. To me he’s one of the emcees who really defined battle-rap; forget bout that tiny pale-azz Eminem!
Chino started his career in the group “Art of Origin” which he eventually left to release his 96 debut “here to save you all” which is in my opinion one of the most mad-overseen LPs from the 90s! After many features on the Sway n King Tech’s “Wake Up Show” he managed to drop another full length in 2001 with the title “I told you so”. The most famous single outta this CD-release-only-LP was “let em live” ft. Kool G Rap.
Chino also played in some TV-series and finally in 2006 he released his 3rd full length called “Poison Pen” (also on CD only).

Now let’s have a look at this jewel here! This is a special single release from his 96 album “here to save you all”, dropped on American Records in the same year. The record is special as it is pressed on clear wax and also in much lower quantities than the other singles from that album (like “kreep” or “no complex”) and it contains a banger you can’t find on the album! So here you can get the three tracks from this excellent twelve that are “rise” (here in the long version), “jesus” (not on the album) and “ghetto vampire”.

“they call me lyrical …. Jesus!”
Review’s been brought II u by: ral278

Chino xl_rise-12”


Anonymous said...

I started collecting vinyl recently & I'm a real stickler when it comes to detail. You can glean a lot of detail from listening to the record itself. That said, do you agree that the jesus cut was from 1998? Remember how he said one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven christmases? Pretty sure that means it was recorded in 1998. Just a thought. Because for the record (pun intended) that song is the only one not on the album (which released in 1996 BTW). I have the album & the kreep vinyl single (both 1996)

Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, kreep is also my very first vinyl record! For $1.99 that's a helluva bargain too!! After that I never looked back. 18 records & counting. I practically live at rasputins & amoeba record stores! 1