Thursday, May 10, 2007


third review of Bomb Hip Hop-label releases today. now we're talkin bout the UK rap-duo KRISPY (are Mikey D.O.N and Mr Wiz). these guys have been active since very long time already (and still are!) as their 1st release was in 1989 with their debut "comin' through clear". on this twelve here from 1998 you'll get "cross the boarder", "cross the boarder remix" (totally different from the original and my favorite on this wax!) and on the flipside there's the track "microphone d.o.n.".
if you wanna know more bout them catz visit their homepage...
review's been brought II u by: ral278


Great Britain said...

The name 'Microphone Don' rings bells. I reeeeeaaaally hope this is the track i'm thinking of.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these!
I bought the Mad Doctor X 12" when it dropped and don't know anyone else that owns it. The Voyager track is definitely the best track on there.

Son released a dope Cappo 12" too.