Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Jewels of da Nine

alrights folks - here we go with another very fine EP-compilation. this one is called JEWELS OF DA NINE - EP and brings you awesome tracks performed by CRIMSON LEAGUE, SHEP MALONE, CHRIS STYLES, THE DEAN... the vinyl was released in 97 on Backyard Recordings. production credits go to Saran Rap (who also did productions like "Chris Styles - piece of the pie" and "Blackstract - diary of a mad mc") and Thyst.

now as Lordquaz mentioned in his blogspot already, when reviewing this EP, there are two versions of that EP. the one with the green label (as he presented) and here you see the one with the red label. also I can't tell you which of them was the 1st pressing but if you know better then holla, would be very interested to find out!
review's been brought II u by: ral278


Thyst1 said...

What up ral. This is Thyst one of the producers on the EP. To answer your question on the first pressing of the ep it was the green one. I put in the order myself. The decision was made to match the color of the stickers which were mannually placed on each one. The second pressing was my call. The other parties at this time had lost interest in sum details. I chose the red to coincide with the "crimson" and "Jewel" theme. You might see a few copies of the red with green stickers we didnt want anything to go to waste. All in all we pressed about 1,500 copies. I still have about 20 myself all red. Thanx for the love. One.

Big Self Aka Oouch!! said...

correction on you GUAGE discoagraphy the last single feat special ed was produced by the same producer as Cranium and breathless...Big Self.
Ps I know that for a fact because it's me since you love that joint ill give a copy of some alternate mixes. and Gauge w/ Dwellas & Etcetera produced by My self.Hit me up at