Thursday, May 31, 2007

Da Hangmen F.I.G.A.'S

This review’s bout a crew that calls themselves DA HANGMEN F.I.G.A.’S.

In fact there ain’t much to tell ya bout the crew or its members as I couldn’t find any helpful information so far so this review’s gonna be short.
The wax right here was dropped by the crew in 1999 on the NY indie-label “Buck n Run Ent.” and had its distribution over AV8-records.
On the twelve you find the tracks “my life” (the winner on this wax) and the b-sider “stuck n da game”. Well the 2nd track has too much r’n’b-parts in it that (to me) just kill the whole track but still I ripped it so you can make your own decision.

Da hangmen figas_my life-12”

Besides this record in know that the crew had at least another release in 1995 with the track-title “hood love”. If someone got that hook us up with it, really appreciate that!

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Anonymous said...


I have one copy of da hangmen f.i.g.a.s "hood love / dem wory not" 12" to exchange and maybe sell.

Contact me if you want it!