Tuesday, May 22, 2007


L’Roneous from the Bay Area is an emcee who’d certainly deserve way more credit for what he’s been doing (and still does!) but as he decided not to do that average type of mainstream bullshit and stay true to his own values he always had to work harder (and independent) to drop some bombs on this world!
L’Ron hit the community with his debut “imaginarium” in 1998. an album that was serving fresh beats and strong lyrics and showed again that rap is not only that gimmick-lyrics! Since then he’s working as an emcee and producer independently or for fellow crews and cats. The most important ones to mention are: “Double Life” – the group he formed with Gennessee & Raw B and released the “revolutions”-twelve (see our review in March in this blog), “Dreamweavers” – the crew he formed together with Elusive and DJ Wisdom (we’ll review their releases “sub-incision” and “check out my mechanics” later on) and cooperated with acts like Freestyle Fellowship, Living Legends, Abstract Rude, Project Blowed …
More background and information about his actual work can be found here!

OK, nuff said bout the cat, let’s get to his 1st vinyl release he did as solo emcee. It’s the 97-release on Ocean Floor Recordings with the three songs “L’chemy”, “implosion” and the bonus track “the l’perspective”. This single was dropped 1 year prior to his debut-album. the first 2 tracks from this twelve are also on this album whereas the bonus-cut “the l perspective” is an exclusive non-album track! Production credits on the tracks go to both L’Roneous and DJ Zeph.

“Reaction rate escapes the, scopes of isotopes, called/ yes yes y'all, so pipe you toke, all dank smoke provokes/ the musical, whimsical, chemical, quantum lyrical/ stylist, compiling, reply to the stimuli/ Exemplified by the amplified phenomena/ Deep like operas, completing thoughts to the, finish in this/ I'm about to dent a sentence with the emphasis on sentiments” (from the track “L’Chemy”)

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Jaz said...

I love that Imaganarium album and some of L-Roneous's later material was good too, a very under rated MC sadly.

This 12" was dope.

eska one said...

dope 12", i only knew l'roneous from the elements of a prototype ep from elusive, hadnt heard any of his own releases before.
that one song from his myspace ("to some") got me hooked. as simple as it is i love it, i cant stop nodding my head to it.

ral278 said...

ur right eska one: that track got me hooked as well. gr8 to see that such good emcees still doin their thing and keepin it up!

RF said...


I have crossed paths with your blog before and really appreciate the music/content associated with it. I have recently compiled and mixed a new instrumental mixtape with the multi-talented DJ Matt Cali. We represent NY and CA and want to share our music with the blogosphere, which is why I am contacting you. Please post on your blog if you're so inclined and feel free to include the following link for your readers to download. It would be great. Let me know. Keep the music alive!

All the best,

"This Dj concerto, in four parts, takes you on a journey into sound denoting the best part of hip hop, the soul of the music. "The Little Green Tape" is perfect to vibe out to. Repeat is a must."

- L*Roneous