Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kaotic Style

‘sup people? Back on the shizzle with a short review of emcee KAOTIC STYLE. Unfortunately I don’t have that much information bout the cat and also I don’t own all of his vinyl-releases but here you can have a look at two of his releases at least. but 1st ya need to know that KS had his debut already back in 94 with his “diamond in da ruff” EP…
Anyway, let’s head towards tha wax! The first’s bout the 1995 release on Wreck Records that brings you the tracks “get in where you fit in” and “down 4 whatever”. Dope-ass n aggressive rhymes with phattest bass-lines – gotta luv that!

Kaotic style_get in where you fit in-12”

The next wax I got by the man was then dropped in 1997 on Organized Recordings and serves you the songs “top billin 97” and “da ones ft. Memphis Bleek”. Very solid record and also nowadays both quite easy to source. Ya like it? Then let yo’ cratez grow man!

Kaotic style_top billin 97-12”

OK, now if you guys have any files of the other releases by KS then you’re most welcome to share them in here as well so we can somehow offer a great discography of this man!


Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro


nedd2 said...

Haha,fuck the serato and all the wack dj's!
Do you have information for the 2 kaotic style you post?
i find this!

ral278 said...

yo nedd! what information are you missing? label, year etc. is in the text, what else you need?

Anonymous said...

the waxattack blog has another Kaotic Style 12" upped:
http://waxattack.blogspot.com (unfortunately all the articles are in French :/ )
Payce, Mr. Boogie (who's still too lazy to create a blogger account)

aaaaaaa said...
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diggin_the_vibes said...

You know anything about that 'Kaotic Style - Player' thing? I've been looking for it everywhere

nedd2 said...

Hi ral,i search information or contact for sale this wax,in priority top billin'

Brakkbacda said...

thanks a lot for this top billin'.

Anonymous said...

just got a new copy of Kaotic Style - Player 12" in stock....if anyone is interested:


M/ www.vinylism.de

Anonymous said...

Just look after kaotic stylin', you'll get older stuff from him.