Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hollow Point

Damn, another classic indie-ep (in my opinion this terminus fits quite well)!
Today I hitcha with some “hollow point” ish….

Nah, it ain’t bout bullets n gunz yo’ even though this crew right here most probably got the name-idea HOLLOW POINT from that…

This group started their work back in 1996 on the well known JIHAD Records (we already reviewed the 1st Jihad-release from “Raw Division – language of the drumz” in here). In that year the catz dropped their debut that was the “whose eye’s EP”. On that lovely piece o’ wax ya gonna find the tracks “whose eye’s”, “where we from” (using the same sample as the NYCP-cheeba cheeba-12” we presented in April) and on the b-side “every which way” and “clicks like gunz” (my absolute fav on this gem!).

Hollow point_whose eye’s ep

Besides this ep the crew dropped two other bombs on the Jihad label in 1997. the first of them is the “five g’s and rising b/w back to reality” and the second “last days (3 chapters) ep”.
Unfortunately I don’t have these 2 jewels in my cratez (not yet…) so feel free if u wanna contribute to this review and up those records!

Review’s been brought II u by: Mirro


Anonymous said...

Hi Mirro,

I got the "Last Days" EP on sale...if you´re interested?!

Nice and constant updates by the way!


ral278 said...

hey uralone,
please send a mail (in the contact you'll find mine) with the price u would ask for. Mirro didn't wanna put his mail-address in here so i'll forward it to him as he's definitely interested!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ral,

sorry for not answering...but I got my ass full of work. Also I´m not able to sign in...don´t know why. My PC is something of a wreck after a serious virus attack.

That´s why I don´t got your E-Mail by now. Maybe you can pm me at the VA-Forum.