Friday, May 25, 2007

Street Connect

STREET CONNECT (are E.T., Struc Val, B.O.B. & Monterey) is the crew for today’s review. Them catz is reppin South Jamaica, Queens and in our blog we bring you the 2 first releases they did.
The crew was that time signed on the Marcion label that is owned by Swiss producer Phil Rust. The Marcion label again is a subdivision of Music Family Inc. that is (if I'm not wrong) run by another Swiss named Heinz Zwahlen. So you see this is definitely some ish for us as it brings the typical ruff hustling-4-life lyrics combined with the fat beatz and the usual Swiss concision!

The debut of this crew was in 1997 with their smashin’ twelve “all up in da game” and “rollin’ over you”.
Both tracks are amazin’ and serve fresh beats combined with melodic and multi-layered vocals over them. Hot sh*t – nuff said!

street connect_all up in da game-12”

the follow-up took place two years later (you’re correct, that’s 1999 then!). this time it features the tracks “soul for real” and “hood niggaz”. This twelve is still very solid but not that mind-blowing compared to the other record. Still it’s worth checkin out and also to cop if you see it for a good price!

street connect_soul for real-12”

the crew also released an album in 2001 and was featured on Lost Boyz “LB IV Life” album as well. These are the last life-signs I’m aware of but if you know more, let us know!
Wanna more bout the crew and the label then click here!

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Jaz said...

I had no idea that Phil Rust was Swiss...his production was ill.

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

i think you can download their album for free on marcion record

Nooferz 1 CSA said...

i mean on marcion records website

Nooferz 1 CSA said...
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qnzgrimiest said...

hood niggaz is the illest track, that dark deep bassline, whewwww, phil rust did his thing