Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Today I bring you another very nice record straight from Canada, to be more exact from Rextale, Ontario. This release right here’s from the crew REDLIFE that consists of the emcees “Action” (formely Cryp2Nite) and “Remey”. The crew name Redlife is an acronym for: Revealed Experiences Dealing with Life In Elevation (R.E.D.L.I.F.E).
On this review it’s about the original edit of their banger “who’s talking weight”. Now you guys probably know (from one of our earliest reviews) the remix that is available on the “Beat Factory Rapessentials Vol.1” but you definitely need to know this as well. The original mix with its strong violin-samples is way more chilled out than the remix – just lay back, listen n relax. On the flipside you would also have the track “the night’s young” which you’ll not gonna find here…not my taste at all (why are such nice tracks so likely to be destroyed by such awfully screamin’ R’n’B voices, damn!?!). Release date of this gem was in 1997 on B.E. Records.
Besides this twelve here the crew also released another single which was “Yagga Yow Yow” and their full length “Exodus Prt. II ft. Saukrates & Ghetto Concept” (which was, to my knowledge, only available on CD). If anyone got those releases would be great to share in here as well!

“who’s talking weight but ain’t walking straight / from city to city the street life I can’t escape!”
Review’s been brought II u by: ral278

Redlife_who’s talking weight


Darren said...

yo ral278, thanks so much for pasting the redlife record but can you PLEASE POST THE A SIDE TO THAT RECORD CALLED “the night’s young” i been looking for that record for years dun. PLEASE HELP! if you can make me a mp3 of that song and the instermental i will be so blessed. please send it to my email - verse72@hotmail.com
get at at dude and keep up the good fuckin work!!! for real!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

rexdale is in toronto

HeRBaN LyRiX said...

Here`s a link for that "Exodus Prt. II" EP http://herban-lyrix.blogspot.com/2008/06/red-lifes-exodus-prt-ii.html