Wednesday, May 30, 2007


alright, my man "serch4beatz" just hooked me up with his Hillfiguz EP i was talkin bout yesterday so enjoy! thanx senor - we all appreciate that!

hillfiguz ep

The crew HILLFIGUZ had their zenith in the late nineties when they’re able to release their stuff on the well-known indie-label of Stretch Armstrong – Dolo Records. What also helped the crew in order to get more famous in the biz was that DJ PREMIER featured them in 96 on his “Crooklyn Cuts Tape A” (track was: too many times) and 1 year later on “Crooklyn Cuts Tape D” (with the track: up on prospect). Also in 97 Stretch Armstrong promoted the crew on his “Lesson 1” CD where those catz contributed with their song “not enuff time”.

Now let’s get back to the vinyl-releases. The debut took place in 1996 on Dolo Records with the two bangers “up on prospect” and the flipside “boom!” Stretch Armstrong did his fine-tuning on both tracks while acting as executive producer on that twelve.

hillfiguz_up on prospect-12“

one year later the Hillfiguz dropped their second wax on Dolo – this time it brought the tracks „not enuff time” and “da broke theory”. Again the guys managed to release a record that is somehow a classic and shouldn’t be missing in any good crate!

hillfiguz_not enuff time-12“

to complete their discography I need to add that the crew had around 97/98 an EP that was not on any label. The EP basically served the same tracks as on those two Dolo-releases but also brought 2 additional tracks that are “pain” and “heaven, youth, hell ft. Tricky”. Unfortunately I don’t have this EP (too expensive compared to what’cha get) but maybe my man “Serch4Beatz” can up this!?! I know u got it so your up’d be highly appreciated, thanx!

“I gotta hustle sometime and get mine – even if my life’s on the line” (from the track “da broke theory”)

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


serch4beatz said...

check ur myspace ral ive sent u the link ;)

Nicholas said...

The first joint they did was called "Break it on Down." Hot joint if you can find it.

MASON said...

Any way you could reup the "up on prospect" 12"?? Never heard any remix of the song. I was just bumpin that track the other day at 32 degrees F. with my window rolled down-ha! also i heard there was a hidden track somewhere on one of their releases?