Wednesday, May 09, 2007

W.A.R. - Wanted and Respected

reviewin' here a millenium production. this is the 1-track-twelve from W.A.R. (WANTED AND RESPECTED) with their catchy tune "fix your face". not much to tell you bout these cats. they obviously come outta Brooklyn, NYC and besides that release I know of at least another one called "get dat doe" from 2005. if any1 got that track pls share in here, thx!
review's been brought II u by: ral278


Ralven said...


nice gem I only know from a mixtape. There are at least two more releases of this crew.
I really love the 96 release Wanted and Respected - For No Reason bw Winning Team. Especially Winning Team is one of my alltime favorites but I never saw a copy of this record.
Me only got the 2003 release Wanted and Respected - A Good Look bw For No Reason-Promo. Awfully the No reason track isnt that one from the 96 release. :(
I uploaded you the tracks. Enjoy!

pz, Ralven

ral278 said...

yo ralven. muchos gracias n mad props for posting those tracks. some of them are really good and guess ima need to find them on wax...

Anonymous said...

good looks ralven, i had "winning team" (crazy track), but i was looking for the others

Anonymous said...

yo why you f*ckin upload that sh*t on zshare??? evry f*cking link is dead!!!!!!!!!!!

btw: i'm looking for that "winning team" track!