Thursday, January 17, 2008


Alright – I have to share this one as well with you guys as a) we just love all the stuff dem catz released and b) we presented you all the rest of their releases in our blog already (so this is somehow the end of Adagio!-reviews in here).

Adagio! Dropped this nice twelve in 1998 on SOM Recordings (mean one year later than their famous “NY to Phillie EP”) and this was also some sort of pushin their EP (as they mention that on the label and in the rhymes again). The relation (soundwise) to their EP is the b-sider called “listening pleasure remix” which is a very smooth one. Still I need to say that I prefer the original mix on the EP. The main title on this wax is “the meaning” that features their buddy Wisdom and this track is definitely something that revitalises my ears!

Adagio!_the meaning-12”

Well then – it was a pleasure!

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