Monday, January 28, 2008

Now it’s time to give you a review bout some of the vinyl-releases of PUDGEE. This man, formerly known as PUDGEE THA PHAT BASTARD, dropped his first wax “checkin out da ave.” and its respective full-length “give em the finger” in 1993.

The first one in here is already kinda my favourite. There’s no label or year (guess it’s the mid-90s) indicated on the wax and I’m not sure if this one here’s a legit pressing but so far I didn’t see any other versions of this. The twelve brings the tracks “everybody wants to be hard” that features Digable Planets and was produced by Nik Wiz! The b-side brings u the real winner that is titled “inner city blues” (not to be confused with Rezidue’s identical song). This piece was produced by DR Period and features DMX (honestly said I’m really not a fan of this “dog” but the verses he spits here are quite cool to me). Both tracks were supposed to be put on his unreleased “King of New York” LP!

Pudgee_everybody wants to be hard-12”

The next one was released on Perspective Records in 1996 (as far as I know promo only) and brings the songs “money don’t make your world stop”, and the two tracks on the flip which I prefer more that are “make ‘em die” and “niguhz fo life”. Production was done by Chris Large, EZ Elpee & Fran Lover. Again this twelve here (definitely a legit pressing) was supposed to show up on his unreleased LP that was to come out on the Perspective label.

Pudgee_money don’t make your world stop-12”

After that he managed to drop two tracks of his unreleased LP on another label called Street Scene Inc. This wax containes the title “history” that was again produced by Nik Wiz and the remix of “money don’t make the world stop” that features Funkmaster Flex on the intro and MOP, produced by Chris Large.

Pudgee_money don’t make your world stop remix-12”

The last one I got from him is a record from which I’m quite sure it is a bootleg. Nevertheless I haven’t seen a legit press of this so far and dunno if that even exists! The 4-tracker is called “dead silence ep” on which you find the tracks “angel dust”, “stayin alive”, “die for a cause” and “kill you”. No indication of the release-year on here but style-wise I’d guess around late-90s / 2000. the EP sounds quite different to what you are used from Pudgee but still I recommend you to check it out!

Pudgee_dead silence-ep

Since this last boot-ep I never seen any other release from this man and personally I feel sad that such a good emcee has been overlooked for all those years in his career (instead of that we have useless idiots like XXX-X who made their way….damn, why?).



Anonymous said...

u don't have the rip of his 93 releases?

ral278 said...

nah not here. got the 93-cd ripped somewhere but will take some time til I can up this...maybe some1 else who got them on hand to share?

knowledge said...

Yo, "Inner City Blues" are one of my fav to, i've had it for a couple years, never heard the other lp's though, good lookin - just curios, why are the sound quality so weird on most of the uploads ? it's really sad, when your doing such a good job, getting this out, peace.

ral278 said...

usually my rips play fine (I compared the volume etc of my rips with the ones from other blogs) but u need also some good speakers/headphones otherwise it'll sound f..ked up. maybe on some pudgee-tracks (eg "history") the bass-volume was too high so that had some neg influence...will pay some more attention next time aight!

Anonymous said...

he's still around on myspace. unfortunately, he makes really wack music now

Anonymous said...

just google "pudgee myspace" it's the first link