Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This one here’s from Trust aka The Soul Trooper and Nickle Slick that form the crew FOURFIFTHS.

The duo released this very dope record in 1997 on the label Conception Records (we posted already some “Diamond Mercenaries” stuff from that label). The label, btw, was co-founded in 93 in Seattle by Mr Supreme and DJ Sureshot (both from Sharpshooters). Back to da wax: on it you gonna find the very solid track “earth wind & fire remix” that Jake One did. On the flip you got the original version of “earth wind & fire” to which I just gotta give mad luv! Sweet and laid-back stuff rite here – jus chill! Additionally you get the track “the science”, again a really great track that convinces with its melancholic style. Both tracks on the b-side were produced by Mr Supreme.


sparkbraincells said...

Dope post thnx homie

Robert Mortimer said...

Hi there, any chance you could put this back up? The link doesn't seem to work...