Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hollow Point

Many months ago we already showed you the first ep by this crew (see here) and today we present you the ep that followed like one year later (1997).

Again the wax was dropped on the fine Jihad-label and serves some very nice tracks. The a-side starts with the title-track called “last days (3 chapters)”. This one is followed by a short skit (“the message”) and then comes the track “killa rhyme traffic” that features Corrupt Empire. On the flipside there are the tracks “first journey” and my real winner – “battle theme”.

Hollow Point_last days-ep

Besides that those cats released another 12” under their crew name (besides the numerous solo-joints and features those guys had => check for Wise Eyez productions and Infared!) which was their “five g’s and rising / back to reality” (Jihad 1997) but this is so far missin in my cratez (as it is the most rare release of HP). Will up that once successfully copped or if u got that to share then you’re most welcome to do so in our comments section…

Enjoy n all that…. (ps: maybe you find the sound quality not perfect yet. Got a new rippin-program and laptop so need to adjust and improve – keep patient, workin on it!)

Review’s been brought II u by: ral278


uralone said...

Nice to see that rec pop up on your blog!

ral278 said...

well yeah - from whom might that wax be originally ;-)
cheers man!

tapesidea said...

i like the last days track!thanks