Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Norfside Heroes

Here we go with a review of a record that comes from the Norfside-label we presented you already earlier here and here.

The twelve here was again (as all other stuff on that label) produced by Salaam Remi and brings you the unknown crew NORFSIDE HEROES with two tracks. So far (even though I checked all kinds of internet database) I couldn’t find much helpful information on this crew so I just can give u the name of one of the rappers which is LA Preem (if u know more then pls share in the comments, thx!). also this is the only record of those guys I know of (besides the featuring on Major Stress’ “smokin’ & f..kin’”)…
To the tracks: the title-track is called “fistful of dollars (stick em up)” and IMO not that spectacular at all (sample is well know n often used & also rhyme-parts are not amazing). The reason to cop this wax is to be found on the b-side where you get that smashin’ “hang wit us”. A very nice jammie that let’s butts n boops bounce!

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