Thursday, January 17, 2008


A damn banger to present you guys here! This rare & mad underrated track comes from the very unknown PROBLEM…

It took me now about ten goddamn years to finally be able to play this tune on my own turntables – but it was really worth it. The track is called “street theory 101” and is some typical grimey street-ish on fire! I 1st heard this dope song on (should be well known to Swiss heads) a crazy radio-show that was held on Couleur3 during the mid n late nineties when DJ Ron-T used to play all that now mad sought after random n indie-shizzle. Well and this piece here was one of those he would play regularly. Why? Well if u don’t know the track then listen and u gonna understand!
This mad pushin beat and the aggressive voice makes this song just a damn winner!
The record was released in 1996 on the small Dead President$ label and this is already all information I can provide you as you will most probably not be able to find any other info than that when searching in the net…

Problem_street theory 101

Well, listen, learn n in the words of Problem: school ‘em son!


Anonymous said...

damn this one is really good! I heard that on a CSA-mix so thx for the single track!!!
guess you guys don't have a spare copy to sell???

big up

ral278 said...

yo T - thanks for the comment. unfortunately none of us has a spare copy...maybe later on we might have some as we both are thinking of doin a sales-auction in here sometime and then we may have such a spare (who knows as we constantly are receivin' wax, also spare ones..)


staybent said...

BANGER! it's a new one to me. nice dig!